Khevoran 2: The Lord of Ash and Stone – Overview

It’s a standoff.  The Army of The Northlands has been held off by High Guard Fortress, its Ringwielder master, and and his vicious cannons for more than a year.  Lieutenant Melvar is still missing in the South.  The denizens of the deep are stirring.  Things fall apart.

Our heroes have all joined the army for their own reasons and have been thrust together to perform a very special task on behalf of The North.

Khevoran 2: The Lord of Ash and Stone will be kicking off our first session on September 19th.  We will be using Fantasy Grounds 2 as a virtual tabletop and the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition game system.  I will be broadcasting on Ventrilo but the players will all respond in text.

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