Character Advancement (House Rule)

Okay, been thinking a lot about character advancement, and here’s what I think we’re going to try: Careers For any career change, you must convince me that your character has naturally evolved into that career.  Additionally, you must possess all of the trappings and spend the requisite points (100xp for an exit, 200xp for any basic career).  If you are moving to a career exit, you must have completed the advance scheme and possess all of the skills and talents of your current career.  Some circumstances are obviously easier than others.  Your best bet is to let me know the direction you want to go as early as possible and I will endeavor to give you the opportunity to get there. Skills and Talents You may purchase specialties in...

Welcome to the Khevoran Blog!

I’ve created this blog to provide a centralized location for all of the role-playing campaigns taking place in the world of Khevoran – I think using a blog instead of a myriad of forum threads over time is a much more consistent way of keeping everyone up to date and sharing the stories that come out of play.  I’ll be posting more information about the current campaign, and every session there will be a summary and opportunity for the players to post their tales in the comments.