Prelude – Matten

Prelude – Matten

Matten-   You were nine, swabbing the deck of Count Isaac Vane’s Relentless, when the storm of the decade overtook the ship.  It blew half the crew off the rigging, and was threatening to take the whole ship, if not just the mast, over with it if the topsail didn’t come down.  You didn’t think.  You were always light on your feet, and honestly, while you were scaling the rigging and cutting free the topsail, you weren’t scared.  Not like, you’re-so-absorbed-you-didn’t-have-time-to-be-scared, but while the wind was desperately trying to rip you free of the ship and fling you into the forty-foot swells, you really weren’t concerned.  It was difficult, but you never for a moment felt like you were in real danger.   And Vane saw.   You weren’t the sort of kid that...

Prelude – Kagdir

Prelude – Kagdir

Kagdir- You sat on your heels in a relatively remote passage, outside an unmarked iron door, in the barrens South of Karak ap’Karak.  It’s not as dangerous as it was a few short years ago, when the capital was freshly liberated from the Orcs, but still a little further out into the dark than you were strictly comfortable with. The summons was simple, practically monosyllabic.  It gave the location and the time along with the royal seal.  You’d been isolated since you got back from that forward recon near Karak Fel.  No one would have much of anything to do with you, and it had been going on for months, and it was getting tiresome. After a span of time that bordered on insulting, there was a heavy clang and the door swung open.  Warm lamplight spilled out into the...

Prelude – Jacob & Snot

Jacob- It wasn’t a bad cave. Winters were rough. Until you built the door. And then, shortly thereafter, the chimney. It wasn’t until you were somewhat warm and neither fending off bears nor choking on wood smoke that you realized Peruppi’s death may have been the secret to saving the world. You and Shara cursed her and Harfur both as you made your way North through the Masaan (Chumley would have, but he doesn’t curse). The only reason for Peruppi to stay behind and confront the Ringwielder of Fire was to make a statement, and the only reason for Harfur to stay behind was to die with Peruppi. Once you’d established yourself in your cave on the north face of the range, well away from High Guard and it’s troubles, and started getting messages in and out via your...

Prelude – Sanorin

Sanorin- You’ve always been a little different.  It’s impossible to describe, but…different.  A part of things.  A part of everything.  More than others.  Learning to change things came naturally to you, like a stone in a stream ever so slightly altering the current.  The other followers of Aluviel you met, the men, and dwarves, and even some of the Halflings…what they did seemed more perverse, like force, or wrestling the world to their will.  It’s like a darkness in them woke and they used it to twist the universe.  It made you uncomfortable. You knew Whisper’s army was coming.  Twenty-three years ago.  You heard it on the wind, like the soft alto of Cheery Thistlewine’s voice, telling you to flee.  And you did.  You hid in a deep cave east of...

Game Calendar

I’ve set up a game calendar at Google.  If you want edit access to it, let me know the address you want me to add. HTML Version iCal XML

Update to the skill training house rule:

I’ve edited the previous post on the house rule to remove any randomness from the requirements.  You can reference the original post for the updates, in short, all rolls are removed, and the required training hours is calculated as such: (100 hours for basic skills, 150 for advanced skills and talents) + (50 hours if the skill is outside your current advance scheme) – (applicable stat, in hours) For example, read/write for someone who doesn’t have it in their advance scheme, with an int of 40 would be: 150 + 50 – 40 = 160 hours.